The Dungeon Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


And this place our forefathers made for manA
This is the process of our love and wisdomB
To each poor brother who offends against usC
Most innocent perhaps and what if guiltyD
Is this the only cure Merciful GodE
Each pore and natural outlet shrivelled upF
By Ignorance and parching PovertyD
His energies roll back upon his heartG
And stagnate and corrupt till changed to poisonH
They break out on him like a loathsome plague spotI
Then we call in our pampered mountebanksC
And this is their best cure uncomfortedI
And friendless solitude groaning and tearsC
And savage faces at the clanking hourJ
Seen through the steam and vapours of his dungeonH
By the lamp's dismal twilgiht So he liesC
Circled with evil till his very soulK
Unmoulds its essence hopelessly deformedI
By sights of ever more deformityI
With other ministrations thou O NatureJ
Healest thy wandering and distempered childI
Thou pourest on him thy soft influencesC
Thy sunny hues fair forms and breathing sweetsC
Thy melodies of woods and winds and watersC
Till he relent and can no more endureL
To be a jarring and a dissonant thingM
Amid this general dance and minstrelsyC
But bursting into tears wins back his wayN
His angry spirit healed and harmonizedI
By the benignant touch of Love and BeautyI

Samuel Taylor Coleridge


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