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PyTorch: We’re excited to announce support for GPU-accelerated PyTorch training on Mac! Now you can take advantage of Apple silicon GPUs to perform ML workflows like prototyping and fine-tuning. Learn more:

ZenWisdomCoach: Beyond this life and This world I'll have it til My heart's content:The bright moon that passed over.The horizon before I had my fill―Saigyō

scikit_learn: scikit-learn 1.1 is out! What's new? You can check the release highlights there:

ak92501: KeypointNeRF: Generalizing Image-based Volumetric Avatars using Relative Spatial Encoding of Keypoints abs:

ak92501: Unsupervised Discovery and Composition of Object Light Fields abs:

norpadon: Russian TV hits peak comedy

EstherHawdon: "Trailing on the wind the smoke of Mount Fuji fades in the sky, moving like my thoughts toward some unknown end" ― Saigyo (tr. Burton Watson) (images: Hokusai / Harunobu Suzuki)

_ui1422: I thought I was free Of passions, so this melancholy Comes as a surprise ; Snipes fly up from a marsh Where autumn’s twilight falls Saigyo / 1118-1190

ak92501: GANimator: Neural Motion Synthesis from a Single Sequence abs:

philipvollet: Manim is an animation engine for explanatory math videos. It's used to create precise animations programmatically, as demonstrated in the videos of 3Blue1Brown.

mia_japankorea: Unknown Japanese, Poem from the Shinkokinshu and Saigyo's Sankashu, 17th century

_icywaters: Stilling the turbulent waters of the heart I wait now for the lotus to open SAIGYŌ

EstherHawdon: "If I cannot dwell anywhere, let me then stay nowhere, in this world brief as a grass hut." Monk Saigyo (西行) (image: rain in Omiya by Hasui Kawase)

EstherHawdon: "So remote the mountains, no friendly birds chirping close by -- only the fearful voice of the owl." ― Saigyo (tr. Burton Watson) (images: Hasui Kawase / Koson Ohara)

ak92501: DANBO: Disentangled Articulated Neural Body Representations via Graph Neural Networks abs:

doctrine_rubber: DOCTRINE - Heavy Rubber Tokyo - Model:Suzu(

BashoSociety: my love ending in hopelessness empty cicada shells Saigyo

condescendents: forgot about this/didnt read much in feb/mar/apr cuz of school but: - mizu no sōretsu (akira yoshimura) - vers le vide (saigyō) - koisuru genpatsu (gen'ichirō takahashi) - growing up with neopets, anxiety, and depression (ryookyung kim)

philipvollet: Cog: Containers for machine learning an open source tool that lets you package machine learning models in a standard, production-ready container! - Docker containers without the pain - No more CUDA hell - Much more Don't forget to star the repository!

HeatherBurles: Let me not spend my life lamenting the world’s sorrows for above in the wide sky the moon shines pure ukiyo to mo omoi-tōsaji oshikaeshi tsuki no sumikeru hisakata no sora Excerpted from: Gazing at the Moon: Buddhist Poems of Solitude by Saigyō, Translated by Meredith McKinney

ak92501: Human Motion Control of Quadrupedal Robots using Deep Reinforcement Learning abs:

philipvollet: Gooey — Turn (almost) any Python command line program into a full GUI application with one line! pip install Gooey Don't forget to star the repository!

HammadAslamMD: “Let me not spend my life lamenting the world’s sorrows for above in the wide sky the moon shines pure” “ukiyo to mo omoi-tōsaji oshikaeshi tsuki no sumikeru hisakata no sora” -“The Wide Sky” by Saigyō

dasam: The Wide Sky Let me not spend my life lamenting the world’s sorrows for above in the wide sky the moon shines pure ukiyo to mo omoi-tōsaji oshikaeshi tsuki no sumikeru hisakata no sora by Saigyō, Translated by Meredith McKinney

rasbt: Tired of adding forward hooks or print statements to look into intermediate layer outputs of your PyTorch models? Surgeon-pytorch (

ak92501: HuMMan: Multi-Modal 4D Human Dataset for Versatile Sensing and Modeling abs:

DeepMind: By carefully transforming neural networks they can be trained much more easily. When combined with K-FAC, this method allows vanilla convnets (w/o shortcut connections or normalization layers) to be trained as fast as standard ResNets of the same depth!

ak92501: Generalizable Neural Performer: Learning Robust Radiance Fields for Human Novel View Synthesis abs:

Saigyo_HBK: My New Gear…

saigyo_kyoshi: Blaster with good teammates!

ak92501: JIFF: Jointly-aligned Implicit Face Function for High Quality Single View Clothed Human Reconstruction abs:

srush_nlp: Tensor Puzzles v2 : Do you really know PyTorch? (

ak92501: OutCast: Outdoor Single-image Relighting with Cast Shadows abs:

dvilasuero: PRBoost: Prompt-Based Rule Discovery and Boosting for Interactive Weakly-Supervised Learning by Zhang et al. > Boosting for finding large-error instances > Prompt-based rule discovery with LLMs

ak92501: PP-Matting: High-Accuracy Natural Image Matting abs:

dvilasuero: COSINE: Fine-tuning pre-trained LMs without any labeled data Fine-tune models with weak supervision only (+ unlabeled data), label denoising via contrastive self-training GitHub:

ak92501: Animal Kingdom: A Large and Diverse Dataset for Animal Behavior Understanding abs:

ak92501: VQGAN-CLIP: Open Domain Image Generation and Editing with Natural Language Guidance abs:

ak92501: Photorealistic Monocular 3D Reconstruction of Humans Wearing Clothing abs:

ak92501: Learning Spatially Varying Pixel Exposures for Motion Deblurring abs:

ak92501: An Extendable, Efficient and Effective Transformer-based Object Detector abs:

ak92501: Templates for 3D Object Pose Estimation Revisited: Generalization to New Objects and Robustness to Occlusions abs:

mollyattwater: On flows the river ceaselessly, nor does its water ever stay the same. -Saigyō

DecentTourGuide: "It would be good if I could die underneath the cherry blossoms with a full-moon in the spring sky." ( Saigyo pinx.) Free from the light pollution in the Medieval Age in Japan, for a traveling monk and poet, the full-moon was a sign of perfect illumination to the bloom in spring.

ibai_gorordo: TopFormer - Semantic Segmentation (ONNX) It has good accuracy, specially for far objects. But due to the output size (1/8 of the input), it seems a bit pixelated. [Code]

ak92501: Masked Siamese Networks for Label-Efficient Learning abs:

hyncat: I visited Hirokawadera Temple to see a Osaka prefectural natural treasure Hall crabapple. It's 350 years old! This temple is also known as the place Saigyo Hoshi one of famous waka poets in the late Haian and early Kamakura period passed away.

ak92501: GARF: Gaussian Activated Radiance Fields for High Fidelity Reconstruction and Pose Estimation abs:

CynicalMallu: The sound of a swollen mountain stream rapidly rushing makes one know how very quickly life itself is pressed along its course. —Saigyō, tr. by William LaFleur

buitengebieden_: Who wants this job?

ak92501: SunStage: Portrait Reconstruction and Relighting using the Sun as a Light Stage abs:

ak92501: AUV-Net: Learning Aligned UV Maps for Texture Transfer and Synthesis abs:

ak92501: AutoRF: Learning 3D Object Radiance Fields from Single View Observations abs:

ak92501: DaViT: Dual Attention Vision Transformers abs:

ak92501: Knowledge Infused Decoding abs:

ak92501: Unsupervised Image-to-Image Translation with Generative Prior abs:

ak92501: Pre-train, Self-train, Distill: A simple recipe for Supersizing 3D Reconstruction abs:

nywolforg: Sing it out!

OpenAI: Our newest system DALL·E 2 can create realistic images and art from a description in natural language. See it here:

ak92501: Text2LIVE: Text-Driven Layered Image and Video Editing abs:

AlQuozCreative: Catch 'In A Space Between Rocks' exhibition featuring recent works by Shaqayeq Arabi, Fereydoun Ave, Hind Bin Demaithan, Cyrus Pahlavi, Yasmin Sinai & Dariush Zandi at Total Arts until 30th April. The exhibition takes its title from a verse by the wandering poet-monk Saigyo

ak92501: MultiMAE: Multi-modal Multi-task Masked Autoencoders abs:

ChronHib: After plans for an official career had been thwarted, Sadanaga became monk, adopting the name Jakuren. Apparently he was already influenced by the model of Saigyō, last week’s monk-poet. We are now already among the generation of poets with whom Fujiwara no Teika,... /5

flaxblossom: 'To sleep under trees on Yoshino mountain. Breeze wears cherry blossoms' - Saigyo

OrdoVirtutum: 'To sleep under trees on Yoshino mountain. Breeze wears cherry blossoms' - Saigyo

ak92501: CoordGAN: Self-Supervised Dense Correspondences Emerge from GANs abs:

saigyo_g: happy birthday

CynicalMallu: A world without the scattering of blossoms, without the clouding over of the moon, would deprive me of my melancholy. —Saigyō, tr. William LaFleur

CVCND: The 5 Biggest Computer Vision Trends In 2022

ak92501: Encode-in-Style: Latent-based Video Encoding using StyleGAN2 abs:

HouraiKazan: "Pray forgive my foreign musings... Perhaps one day we shall indulge in Saigyō's poetry together."

ak92501: NPBG++: Accelerating Neural Point-Based Graphics abs:

ak92501: SharpContour: A Contour-based Boundary Refinement Approach for Efficient and Accurate Instance Segmentation abs:

ak92501: Efficient-VDVAE: Less is more abs:

ak92501: AutoAvatar: Autoregressive Neural Fields for Dynamic Avatar Modeling abs:

ChronHib: many of late. Born Satō Norikiyo, he left his wife, child & the promise of a splendid career at the imperial court at the age of 22, taking Buddhist vows & ultimately adopting the name 西行 Saigyō “Journey to the West”. He spent fifty years on the road to become the... /5

ChronHib: ...classical incarnation of the ascetic monk-poet. One of the most famous & popular poets in this collection, hundreds of Saigyō’s poems have survived, and he was a model and inspiration for later poets, such as Bashō in the 17th century. This is classified as a love poem... /6

ChronHib: It has been suggested that Hokusai identified personally with the independent spirit of Saigyō, so that this illustration is actually more of a self-portrait of the ukiyo-e master. /13

ak92501: Pastiche Master: Exemplar-Based High-Resolution Portrait Style Transfer project page:

ak92501: Mask Transfiner for High-Quality Instance Segmentation abs:

ChronHib: Ogura Hyakunin Isshu 86 Monk Saigyō a.k.a. Satō Norikiyo (1118–23.3.1190) ‘Sigh!’ Is it really the moon that instils such thoughts? The expression on my tears carries this reproach! /1

RadwanChehab: I wish to die in spring, beneath the cherry blossoms, while the springtime moon is full. –Saigyo (1190)

LauraDiehl: I’d like to divide myself in order to see, among these mountains, each and every flower of every cherry tree. -Saigyō

Train_PlaneHub: Derailment last night on Heaton depot (Newcastle) TPX 802 involved

MiTSUSHiRACE: Happy birthday!!

ak92501: Three things everyone should know about Vision Transformers abs:

CynicalMallu: All around now the blossoms on the cherry trees are in their full bloom— each and every mountain ridge draped with clouds of white. —Saigyō, tr. Steven Carter

ItsMarcoYolo: So there's a spin move in Elden Ring...

negurameru: Why not?

Vikashplus: What do robot-learning & horse-racing have in common? All candidates can never be simultaneously compared in identical real world conditions. Yet horse-racing has a leader-board & robot-learning doesn’t! Presenting Ranking Based Robotics Benchmarks

ak92501: TensoRF: Tensorial Radiance Fields abs:

ak92501: Fine Detailed Texture Learning for 3D Meshes with Generative Models abs:

philipvollet: Ploomber is the fastest way to build data pipelines! Use your favorite editor: Jupyter, VSCode, PyCharm to develop interactively and deploy without code changes as Kubernetes, Airflow, AWS Batch, and SLURM pipelines. pip install ploomber

ak92501: Physical Inertial Poser (PIP): Physics-aware Real-time Human Motion Tracking from Sparse Inertial Sensors abs:

OAlexanderDK: A large exodus of private jets out of Moscow towards Dubai this morning too.

ZenWisdomCoach: Beyond this life and This world I'll have it til My heart's content:The bright moon that passed over.The horizon before I had my fill―Saigyō

MiTSUSHiRACE: Happy birthday!

saigyo_kyoshi: SendouQ is good practice!

spectatorindex: BREAKING: Germany's government to buy F-35 jets

AbraxasSpa: Drone delivery (Malloy Aeronautics?) of a Spot UGV during AEWE 2022

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