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Mary Elizabeth Coleridge (23 September 1861 – 25 August 1907) was a British novelist and poet who also wrote essays and reviews. She wrote poetry under the pseudonym Anodos (a name taken from George MacDonald). Other influences on her were Richard Watson Dixon and Christina Rossetti. Robert Bridges, the Poet Laureate, described her poems as 'wonderously beautiful… but mystical rather and enigmatic'.


Mary Coleridge was born in Hyde Park Square, London, the daughter of Arthur Duke Coleridge, who was a lawyer and influential amateur musician. With the singer Jenny Lind, her father was responsible for the formation o...
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Mary Elizabeth Coleridge Poems

  • Chillingham
    Through the sunny garden
    The humming bees are still;
    The fir climbs the heather, ...
  • The Deserted House
    There's no smoke in the chimney,
    And the rain beats on the floor;
    There's no glass in the window,
    There's no wood in the door; ...
  • The Train
    A green eye-and a red-in the dark.
    Thunder-smoke-and a spark.

    It is there-it is here-flashed by. ...
  • Unwelcome
    |WE were young, we were merry, we were very very wise,
    And the door stood open at our feast,
    When there passed us a woman with the West in her eyes,
    And a man with his back to the East. ...
  • Vale` - Egypt's Might Is Tumbled Down
    Egypt's might is tumbled down
    Down a-down the deeps of though;
    Greece is fallen and Troy town,
    Glorious Rome hath lost her crown, ...
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