Sahil Mudasir Quotes

Results speak louder than reasons; Reason is what you speak about And result is what speaks about you.

'Half of my heart lies in my other half. And it's the only half that makes me complete.'

"How can I reach you, When you are a journey and not a destination."

"You have all -your heart and mine -to show, and I- I have only the scars of some hope!"

"The best solution to the whole world is to worth nature and work nature. The former is to aspire and the latter to inspire."

"Arguements should weigh under logic, Otherwise, it is injurious to argue at all."

S"earching and searching myself in my self, Only thence did I realize, I am lost somewhere in you."

"Would it be possible to reach you, I would offer my heart in bouquet of flowers."

"My worries are nothing But, The outcome of your mercy."

"Politics is a game played on emotions of people. Politicians are nothing more than losers."

They say,"Why do you smile always?" I say,"I smile only to hide my tears."

"Love is not simply liking.It is an abstract feeling of ones being.True love is to sacrifice and care.It is an inborn capability which gives spiritual satisfaction. True love cares ,not demands."

"Search behind your shadow I am burried in your past, Don't tear off your sleeves Past exists nowhere"

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Reshi Tufail: Keep going sir...

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