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Sahil Mudasir is an Indian Kashmiri poet, born in Melhura Shopian on 04 February, 1993. His collections include ' The Shadows' and 'Secrets Of An Occupied Heart'.He has co-author ed more than 5 books, chief among them are 'Inked Gems ', ' Dreamers Never Die' ' Sheen' Sahil was brought up in an illustrious and highly educated middle class family.Sahil got his early education from his native village.He did his BA from Govt.Degree college Anantnag and MA in English Literature from University Of Kashmir.In June 2019, he qualified National eligibility Test for assistant professor for higher education. Working as a teacher, Mudasir sahil is a renowned poet and a well known writer of modern times.Through his poetry, the poet highlights the socio political and, economic conditions of his hom...
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Sahil Mudasir Poems

  • Poem
    Those shells,
    Filled with emotions,
    Coated and soaked,
    In artistic fervor, ...
  • Womanhood
    They call me a woman
    and not a human,
    I am fixed
    Like a potrait ...
  • A Street Beggar
    A street beggar beseeches,
    Door after door to impetrate
    for alms and charity,
    His penumbra torn up ...
  • How Shall A Belief Uphold Its Worth?
    In the deserted, infected dead world,

    How hopless bard like I live!
  • Few Questions
    They say ,"Why it happens?"
    I say,"When there is no reason to beguile, you are made a reason!"

    They say,"It is just an excuse." ...
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Sahil Mudasir Quotes

  • Results speak louder than reasons; Reason is what you speak about And result is what speaks about you.
  • 'Half of my heart lies in my other half. And it's the only half that makes me complete.'
  • "How can I reach you, When you are a journey and not a destination."
  • "You have all -your heart and mine -to show, and I- I have only the scars of some hope!"
  • "The best solution to the whole world is to worth nature and work nature. The former is to aspire and the latter to inspire."
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