Sahil Mudasir Poems

  • 1.
    Those shells,
    Filled with emotions,
    Coated and soaked,
    In artistic fervor,
  • 2.
    They call me a woman
    and not a human,
    I am fixed
    Like a potrait
  • 3.
    A street beggar beseeches,
    Door after door to impetrate
    for alms and charity,
    His penumbra torn up
  • 4.
    In the deserted, infected dead world,

    How hopless bard like I live!

  • 5.
    They say ,"Why it happens?"
    I say,"When there is no reason to beguile, you are made a reason!"

    They say,"It is just an excuse."
  • 6.
    As usual, there are
    Irruptions and incursions
    in my native land,
    I hide my fears
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