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  • Peace And Harmony
    All family can't take this society,but we have to stay strong although some people are wrong.
    All lives matter its just not fair seeing someone disappear.I wish all races would live together in peace and harmony and see what life truly is about we should do better with a doubt.

    No one is perfect that's why pencils have erasers,racism brings hate its just not great but have faith hopefully things will change no matter what race you are we all bleed red until we die,just foe once use your head and stop this blood shed...
  • The Funny Thing Called Love
    Look at my heart,
    its broken from the words you've spoken.
    I taught what we had was real,
    the way you made me feel was so bad I'll never heal. ...
  • Life
    Some people say life is great,
    you should have faith,
    live the life you love before it's to late.
    Always achieve your goals before your life has major holes. ...
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