Fission Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


White glow melts lifeA
freezes shadow twisted bottleB
the birth of the transistorC
and thenD
Of doom wide openE
flash bang flash bangF
dead ballet in radiumG
stuck to the wallsH
that disintegrate at the speed of lightI
Hiroshima is mother and push buttonE
skeletons do the rattle danceJ
Together we are the industry of poison lightI
Hiroshima apotheosis of weapon amp machineK
your centenary will shine a sly beaconE
in a forest museum where the extinctL
are preserved and money spurtsM
TV spawns a billion little HitlersM
Radiation Plus this Island EarthN
A petrified breeze from the virtual treesM
whispers HiroshimaO

S. K. Kelen


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