Regret that time when I was not me
When I was used to carry a frown
Thinking it was a crown
Always knew
That I never had
silver on my face
But took time to
Realise my evil phase .
When I thought I was humane
Turns out to be insane
When I thought I was in the state
Of nirvana
Later realised
It was nothing but fake
Yes , it was facade .
Ohh everything is fine
Karma slapped and said
that was the biggest lie .
Thought the people around me
love me without any error
Oops ! Bubble burst ,
that was just my terror
Thought I will be the next
Again !Reality check hit
and announced that I am the biggest fake for god sake .
I was in illusion
no one can manipulate me
Magic breaks , and sets my ego free
Didn't know people hate me so much when I consider myself as a Messiah
I forgot !
people only remember ur bad trivia
Never knew my evil side
Which was covered by my pride
When I realised that it wasn't late
Thats when I tried to be
everyone's mate
They thought I will burst
Didn't know that was my witch side
whom they hated
So much
Once an evil queen is now trying to be an asset
Coz she killed her dark soul for herself