An Astrologer's Song Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


To the Heavens above usA
O look and beholdB
The Planets that love usA
All harnessed in goldB
What chariots what horsesC
Against us shall bideD
While the Stars in their coursesC
Do fight on our sideD
All thought all desiresE
That are under the sunF
Are one with their firesE
As we also are oneF
All matter all spiritG
All fashion all frameH
Receive and inheritG
Their strength from the sameH
Oh man that deniestG
All power save thine ownI
Their power in the highestG
Is mightily shownI
Not less in the lowestG
That power is made clearJ
Oh man if thou knowestG
What treasure is hereK
Earth quakes in her throesL
And we wonder for whyM
But the blind planet knowsL
When her ruler is nighM
And attuned since CreationF
To perfect accordG
She thrills in her stationF
And yearns to her LordG
The waters have risenF
The springs are unboundG
The floods break their prisonF
And ravin aroundG
No rampart withstands 'emN
Their fury will lastG
Till the Sign that commands 'emN
Sinks low or swings pastG
Through abysses unprovenF
And gulfs beyond thoughtG
Our portion is wovenF
Our burden is broughtG
Yet They that prepare itG
Whose Nature we shareO
Make us who must bear itG
Well able to bearO
Though terrors o'ertake usA
We'll not be afraidG
No power can unmake usA
Save that which has madeG
Nor yet beyond reasonF
Or hope shall we fallP
All things have their seasonF
And Mercy crowns allP
Then doubt not ye fearfulQ
The Eternal is KingR
Up heart and be cheerfulQ
And lustily singR
What chariots what horsesC
Against us shall bideG
While the Stars in their coursesC
Do fight on our sideG

Rudyard Kipling


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