Buried in childhood-s cloudless dreams, a fair-haired nursling lay,
A soft smile hovered round the lips as if still oped to pray;
And then a vision came to him, of beauty, strange and mild,
Such as may only fill the dreams of a pure sinless child.

Stood by his couch an angel fair, with radiant, glitt-ring wings
Of hues as bright as the living gems the fount to Heaven flings;
With loving smile he bent above the fair child cradled there,
While sounds of sweet seraphic power stole o-er the fragrant air.

-Child, list to me,� he softly said, -on mission high I-m here:
Sent by that Glorious One to whom Heav-n bows in loving fear;
I seek thee now, whilst thou art still on the threshold of earth-s strife,
To speak of what thou knowest not yet, this new and wond-rous life.

-Dost cling to it? dost find this earth a fair and lovely one?
Dost love its bright-dyed birds and flowers, its radiant golden sun?
I come to bid thee leave it all-to turn from its bright bloom,
And, having closed thine eyes in death, descend into the tomb.

-Thou shudderest, child! with restless gaze from me thou turn-st away;
-Mid summer flowers and singing birds wouldst thou remain to play;
Thou still wouldst bask in the dear light of thy fond father-s smile,
And on thy mother-s doating heart would linger yet awhile.

--Tis well, sweet child, I blame thee not, but in spheres far away
Are blossoms lovelier far than those which tempt thee here to stay;
And if the love of parents fond with joy thy heart doth fill,
In those bright distant realms is One who loves thee better still!

-That One for thee in suffering lived-for thy sake, too, he died;
Oh! like the ocean is His love, as deep, my child, as wide.
Leave, then, this earth ere hideous sin thy spotless brow shall dim-
One struggling breath, one parting pang, and then thou-lt be with Him!�

A smile lit up the sleeper-s face, but soon it softly fled,
The rose leaf cheeks and lips grew wan-could it be the child was dead?
Yes, dead-and spared the ills of life, and in bright bliss above
The pure soul nestles in the light of God-s unbounded Love.