You And Me Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


I'm part of people I have knownA
And they are part of meB
The seeds of thought that I have sownA
In other minds I seeB
There's something of me in the throneA
And in the gallows treeB
There's something of me in each oneC
With whom I work and playD
For islanded there can be noneC
In this dynamic dayD
And meshed with me perchance may beB
A leper in CathayD
There's me in you and you in meB
For deeply in us delvesE
Such common thought that never weB
Can call ourselves ourselvesE
In coils of universal fateF
No man is isolateF
For you and I are HistoryB
The all that ever wasG
And woven in the tapestryB
Of everlasting lawsH
Persist will we in Time to beB
Forever you and meB

Robert Service


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