Winding Wool Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


She'd bring to me a skein of woolA
And beg me to hold out my handsB
so on my pipe I cease to pullA
And watch her twine the shining strandsB
Into a ball so snug and neatC
Perchance a pair of socks to knitD
To comfort my unworthy feetC
Or pullover my girth to fitD
As to the winding I would swayE
A poem in my head would singF
And I would watch in dreamy wayE
The bright yarn swiftly slenderingF
The best I liked were coloured strandsB
I let my pensive pipe grow coolG
Two active and two passive handsB
So busy wining shining woolA
Alas Two of those hands are coldH
And in these days of wrath and wrongF
I am so wearyful and oldH
I wonder if I've lived too longF
So in my loneliness I sitD
And dream of sweet domestic ruleG
When gentle women used to knitD
And men were happy winding woolA

Robert Service


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