Vanity Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


My tangoing seemed to delight herA
With me it was love at first sightB
I mentioned That I was a writerA
She asked me What is it you writeB
Oh only best sellers I told herA
Their titles She shook her blonde headC
The atmosphere seemed to grow colderA
Not one of my books had she readC
Oh she was a beauty ensnaringD
And I was an author of noteE
But little I saw she'd be caringD
If never a novel I wroteE
Alas for the caprice of CupidF
Alack for the phantom of FameG
I thought her just homely and stupidH
She didn't know even my nameG
I saw her a score of years afterA
She gushed as I took off my hatI
But inwardly loud was my laughterA
For she was enormously fatI
Thank heaven I'd not made that errorA
I saw Love drive off in a hearseJ
But I too retreated in terrorA
She started to quote me my verseJ

Robert Service


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