Two Children Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Give me your hand oh little oneA
Like children be we twoB
Yet I am old my day is doneA
That barely breaks for youB
A baby basket hard you holdC
With in it cherries fourD
You cherish them as men do goldC
And count them o'erE
And then you stumble in your walkF
The cherries scattered lieG
You pick them up with foolish talkF
And foolish glad am IG
When you wipe one quite clean of dustH
And give it unto meI
So in the baby basket justH
Are threeI
All this is simple I confessJ
A moment piled with peaceK
Yet loving men have died for lessJ
And will till time shall ceaseK
A silken hand in crinkled oneA
O Little InnocenceL
O blessed moment in the sonA
E'er I go henceM

Robert Service


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