Two Blind Men Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Two blind men met Said one This earthA
Has been a blackout from my birthA
Through darkness I have groped my wayB
Forlorn unknowing night from dayB
But you though War destroyed your sightC
Still have your memories of LightC
And to allay your present painD
Can live your golden youth againE
Then said the second Aye it's trueF
It must seem magical to youF
To know the shape of things that areG
A women's lips a rose a starG
But therein lies the hell of itH
Better my eyes had never litH
to love of bluebells in a woodI
Or daffodils in dancing moodJ
You do not know what you have lostK
But I alas can count the costL
Than memories that goad and gallM
Far better not to see at allM
And as for love you know it notN
For pity is our sorry lotN
So there you see my point of viewF
'Tis I my friend who envy youF
And which was right still puzzles meO
Perhaps one should be blind to seeO

Robert Service


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