Triumph Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Why am I full of joy althoughA
It drizzles on the linksB
Why am I buying Veuve CliquotC
And setting up the drinksB
Why stand I like a prince amidC
My pals and envy noneD
Ye gods of golf Today I didC
A Hole in OneD
I drove my ball to heaven highE
It over topped the hillF
I tried to guess how it would lieE
If on the fairway stillF
I climbed the rise so sure I'd hitC
It straight towards the greenG
I looked and looked no trace of itC
Was to be seenG
My partner putted to the pinH
Then hoarse I heard him callI
And lo So snug the hole withinH
Gleamed up my ballI
Yea it was mine Oh what a thrillF
What dandy drive I'd doneD
By luck well grant a little skillF
I'd holed in oneD
Say that my score is eighty oddC
And though I won't give upJ
Say that as round the course I plodC
I never win a cupJ
Say that my handicap's nineteenG
And of my game make funD
But holler 'On the seventh greenG

Robert Service


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