The Ordinary Man Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


If you and I should chance to meetA
I guess you wouldn't careB
I'm sure you'd pass me in the streetA
As if I wasn't thereB
You'd never look me in the faceC
My modest mug to scanD
Because I'm just a commonplaceC
And Ordinary ManD
But then it may be you are tooE
A guy of every dayF
Who does the job he's told to doE
And takes the wife his payF
Who makes a home and kids his careB
And works with pick or penG
Why Pal I guess we're just a pairB
Of Ordinary MenG
We plug away and make no fussH
Our feats are never crownedI
And yet it's common coves like usH
Who make the world go roundI
And as we steer a steady courseJ
By God's predestined planD
Hats off to that almighty ForceJ

Robert Service


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