Secretary Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


My Master is a man of mightA
With manners like a hogB
He makes me slave from morn to nightA
And treats me like a dogC
He thinks there's nothing on this earthD
His money cannot buyE
And claims to get full wages worthD
From hirelings such as IE
But does he Though a Man of StateF
And fabulously richG
He little guesses that his mateF
Is just a bonny bitchG
For he is grey and gross and fatH
While I am tall and slimI
And when he's gone it happens thatH
I take the place of himI
Oh God The beauty of the blowJ
When I will blast his lifeK
When I will laugh and let him knowJ
My mistress is his wifeK
Today a doormat for his feetL
He loves to see me squirmM
Tomorrow how revenge is sweetL
The turning of the wormM

Robert Service


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