Second Childhood Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


When I go on my morning walkA
Because I'm mildB
If I be in the mood to talkA
I choose a childB
I'd rather prattle with a lassC
Of tender ageD
Than converse in the high brow classC
With college sageD
I love the touch of silken handE
That softly clingsF
In old of age I understandE
Life's little thingsF
I love the lisp of tiny tongueG
And trusting eyesH
These are the joys that keep me youngG
As daylight diesH
For as to second childhood II
Draw gently nearJ
With happy heart I see the whyI
Children are dearJ
So wise Professor go your wayK
I am beguiledB
To wistful loving by the gayK
Laugh of a childB

Robert Service


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Reader: Nice rhyming and beautiful lines

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