Prelude Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


In youth I gnawed life's bitter rindA
And shared the rugged lotB
Of fellows rude and unrefinedA
Frustrated and forgotB
And now alas it is too lateC
My sorry ways to mendD
So sadly I accept my fateC
A Roughneck to the endD
Profanity is in my voiceE
And slag is in my rhymeF
For I have mucked with men who curseG
And grovel in the grimeF
My fingers were not formed I fearH
To frame a pretty penI
So please forgive me if I veerH
From Virtue now and thenI
For I would be the living voiceE
Though raucous is its toneJ
Of men who rarely may rejoiceE
Yet barely ever moanJ
The rovers of the raw ribbed landsK
The lads of lowly worthL
The scallywags with scaley handsK
Who weld the ends of earthL

Robert Service


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