Old Tom Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


The harridan who holds the innA
At which I toss a potB
Is old and uglier than sinA
I'm glad she knows me notB
Indeed for me it's hard to thinkC
Although my pow's like snowD
She was the lass so fresh and pinkC
I courted long agoD
I wronged her yet it's sadly trueE
She wanted to be wrongedF
They mostly do although 'tis youE
The male bloke who is thongedF
Well anyway I left her thenG
To sail across the seaH
And no doubt she had other menG
And soon lost sight of meH
So now she is a paunchy dameI
And mistress of the innA
With temper tart and tounge to blameI
Moustache and triple chinA
And though I have no proper homeJ
Contentedly I purrK
And from my whiskers wipe the foamJ
Glad I did not wed herK
Yet it's so funny sitting hereL
To stare into her faceM
And as I raise my mug of beerN
I dream of our disgraceM
And so I come and come each dayF
To more and more enjoyO
The joke that fifty years awayF
I was her honey boyO

Robert Service


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