Old Crony Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


I had a friend a breezy friendA
I liked an awful lotB
And in his company no endA
Of happiness I gotB
We clicked in temper taste and moodC
We gypsied side by sideD
And then as no pal ever shouldE
He upped and diedD
A score of years have since gone byF
Yet I bemoan him stillG
He used to call me Bob and IF
Was wont to call him BillG
Oh how I wish that he were hereH
How we would bravely walkI
On heather hills to tavern cheerJ
And talk and talkI
If as he always used to doK
He'd just drop in to teaL
To rest awhile and jest awhileM
How chirpy I would beL
Then he would puff his pipe of briarN
And I my cigaretteO
And we would yarn beside the fireN
And time forgetO
Old Pal come back a little whileM
If just to let me sayP
How much I miss your jolly smileM
Now you have gone awayP
Ah when in life's allotted spanQ
We near our journey's endA
What greater treasure is there thanQ
A Golden FriendA

Robert Service


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