My Husbands Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


My first I wed when just sixteenA
And he was sixty fiveB
He treated me like any queenA
The years he was aliveB
Oh I betrayed him on the slyC
Like any other bitchD
and how I longed for him to dieC
And leave me young and richD
My second is a gigoloE
I took when I was oldF
That he deceives me well I knowE
And hungers for my goldF
When I adore each silken hairG
That crowns his handsome headH
I'm everlastingly awareG
He wishes I were deadH
How I would love my vieux if heI
Today were by my sideJ
My gig would have been daft for meI
When I was first a brideJ
But for his mother I can passK
Although I am his wifeL
Like father was my first alasK
The irony of lifeL

Robert Service


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