Her Toys Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


I sat her in her baby chairA
And set upon its trayB
Her kewpie doll and teddy bearA
But no she would not playB
Although they looked so wistfullyC
Her favour to imploreD
She laughed at me with elfin gleeC
And dashed them to the floorD
I brought her lamb and circus clownE
But it was just the sameF
With shrill of joy she threw them downE
As if it were a gameF
Maybe it was for she would lookG
To see where they were lainH
And act pathetic till I tookG
Her toys to her againI
To day there's just an empty chairA
And 'mid a mist of painH
I'd give my life if she were thereA
To toss her toys againI
A tiny ghost is all I seeC
Who laughs the while I cryJ
And lifts her little hands with gleeC
Unto the skyJ

Robert Service


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Muhammad Ramzan Saeedi: Hello dear,
I have read your poem and it will be good for children for encouraging toys.
This poem is very helpful for kids to play with their toys.
Best Regards

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