Dreams Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


I had a dream a dream of dreadA
I thought that horror held the houseB
A burglar bent above my bedA
He moved as quiet as a mouseB
With hairy hand and naked knifeC
He poised to plunge a bloody strokeD
Until despairful of my lifeC
I shrieked with terror and awokeD
I had a dream of weary woesE
In weather that was fit to freezeF
I thought that I had lost my clothsG
And only wore a short chemiseF
The wind was wild so catch a trainH
I ran but no advance did makeI
My legs were pistoning in vainH
How I was happy to awakeI
I had a dream Upon the stairJ
I met a maid who kissed my lipsK
A nightie was her only wearJ
We almost came to loving gripsK
And then she opened wide a doorL
And pointed to a bonny bedA
Oh blast I wakened up beforeL
I could discover were we wedA
Alas Those dreams of broken blissM
Of wakenings too sadly soonN
With memories of sticky kissM
And limbs so languidly a swoonN
Alas those nightmares devil drivenO
Those pantless prowlings in Pall MallP
Oh why should some dreams be like heavenO
And others so resemble hellQ

Robert Service


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