A Hero Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Three times I had the lust to killA
To clutch a throat so young and fairB
And squeeze with all my might untilA
No breath of being lingered thereB
Three times I drove the demon outC
Though on my brow was evil sweatD
And yet I know beyond a doubtC
He'll get me yet he'll get me yetD
I know I'm mad I ought to tellE
The doctors let them care for meF
Confine me in a padded cellE
And never never set me freeF
But Oh how cruel that would beF
For I am young and comely tooG
Yet dim my demon I can seeF
And there is but one thing to doG
Three times I beat the foul fiend backH
The fourth I know he will prevailI
And so I'll seek the railway trackH
And lay my head upon the railI
And sight the dark and distant trainJ
And hear its thunder louder rollK
Coming to crush my cursed brainJ
Oh God have mercy on my soulK

Robert Service


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