Robert Lowell Light Poems

  • 1.
    (I.R.A. Bombing)

    The British Army now carries two rifles,
    one with rubber rabbit-pellets for children,
  • 2.
    Those blessèd structures, plot and rhyme--
    why are they no help to me now
    I want to make
    something imagined, not recalled?
  • 3.
    Let man have dominion over the fishes of the sea and the fowls of the air
    and the beasts and the whole earth, and every creeping creature that moveth upon the earth.

  • 4.
    September twenty-second, Sir: today
    I answer. In the latter part of May,
    Hard on our Lordâ??s Ascension, it began
    To be more sensible. A gentleman
  • 5.
    Our fathers wrung their bread from stocks and stones
    And fenced their gardens with the Redmen's bones;
    Embarking from the Nether Land of Holland,
    Pilgrims unhouseled by Geneva's night,
  • 6.
    My old flame, my wife!
    Remember our lists of birds?
    One morning last summer, I drove
    by our house in Maine. It was still
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