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Anthony Evan Hecht (January 16, 1923 – October 20, 2004) was an American poet. His work combined a deep interest in form with a passionate desire to confront the horrors of 20th century history, with the Second World War, in which he fought, and the Holocaust being recurrent themes in his work.


Early years

Hecht was born in New York City to German-Jewish parents. He was educated at various schools in the city – he was a classmate of Jack Kerouac at Horace Mann School – but showed no great academic ability, something he would later refer to as "conspicuous". However, as a freshman English student at Bard College in New York he discovered the works of Wallace Stevens, W. H. Auden, T. S. Eliot, and Dylan Thomas. It was at this point tha...
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Anthony Evan Hecht Poems

  • The Dover Bitch: A Criticism Of Life
    So there stood Matthew Arnold and this girl
    With the cliffs of England crumbling away behind them,
    And he said to her, 'Try to be true to me,
    And I'll do the same for you, for things are bad ...
  • Sarabande On Attaining The Age Of Seventy-seven
    The harbingers are come. See, see their mark;
    White is their colour; and behold my head.
    -- George Herbert
  • Curriculum Vitae
    As though it were reluctant to be day,
    .......Morning deploys a scale
    .......Of rarities in gray,
    And winter settles down in its chain-mail, ...
  • The End Of The Weekend
    A dying firelight slides along the quirt
    Of the cast iron cowboy where he leans
    Against my father's books. The lariat
    Whirls into darkness. My girl in skin tight jeans ...
  • Tarantula, Or The Dance Of Death
    During the plague I came into my own.
    It was a time of smoke-pots in the house
    Against infection. The blind head of bone
    Grinned its abuse ...
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Petloverhermine: 16jan/1923: anthony evan hecht is born in new york city
Poet_hadi: "others are bound to us, the gentle and blameless whose names are not confessed in the ceaseless palaver. my deares...
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