To His Sweet Saviour Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Night hath no wings to him that cannot sleepA
And Time seems then not for to fly but creepA
Slowly her chariot drives as if that sheB
Had broke her wheel or crack'd her axletreeC
Just so it is with me who list'ning prayC
The winds to blow the tedious night awayC
That I might see the cheerful peeping dayC
Sick is my heart O Saviour do Thou pleaseD
To make my bed soft in my sicknessesD
Lighten my candle so that I beneathE
Sleep not for ever in the vaults of deathF
Let me thy voice betimes i' th' morning hearC
Call and I'll come say Thou the when and whereC
Draw me but first and after Thee I'll runG
And make no one stop till my race be doneG

Robert Herrick


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