The Lily In A Crystal Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


You have beheld a smiling roseA
When virgins' hands have drawnB
O'er it a cobweb lawnB
And here you see this lily showsA
Tomb'd in a crystal stoneC
More fair in this transparent caseD
Than when it grew aloneC
And had but single graceD
You see how cream but naked isE
Nor dances in the eyeF
Without a strawberryG
Or some fine tincture like to thisH
Which draws the sight theretoI
More by that wantoning with itI
Than when the paler hueJ
No mixture did admitI
You see how amber through the streamsK
More gently strokes the sightI
With some conceal'd delightI
Than when he darts his radiant beamsK
Into the boundless airL
Where either too much light his worthM
Doth all at once impairL
Or set it little forthN
Put purple grapes or cherries inO
To glass and they will sendI
More beauty to commendI
Them from that clean and subtle skinO
Than if they naked stoodI
And had no other pride at allP
But their own flesh and bloodI
And tinctures naturalQ
Thus lily rose grape cherry creamR
And strawberry do stirS
More love when they transferS
A weak a soft a broken beamR
Than if they should discoverS
At full their proper excellenceT
Without some scene cast overS
To juggle with the senseU
Thus let this crystall'd lily beG
A rule how far to teachV
Your nakedness must reachV
And that no further than we seeG
Those glaring colours laidI
By art's wise hand but to this endI
They should obey a shadeI
Lest they too far extendI
So though you're white as swan or snowW
And have the power to moveX
A world of men to loveY
Yet when your lawns and silks shall flowW
And that white cloud divideI
Into a doubtful twilight thenZ
Then will your hidden prideI
Raise greater fires in menZ
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Robert Herrick


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