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Emily Pauline Johnson (also known in Mohawk as Tekahionwake –pronounced: dageh-eeon-wageh, literally: 'double-life') (10 March 1861 – 7 March 1913), commonly known as E. Pauline Johnson or just Pauline Johnson, was a Canadian writer and performer popular in the late 19th century.

Johnson's poetry was published in Canada, the United States and Great Britain. Johnson was one of a generation of widely read writers who began to define a Canadian literature. While her literary reputation declined after her death, since the later 20th century, there has been renewed interest in her life and works. A complete collection of her known poetry was published in 2002.

Johnson was notable for her poems and performances that celebrated her Indigenous heritage;...
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Emily Pauline Johnson Poems

  • The Riders Of The Plains [1]
    Who is it lacks the knowledge? Who are the curs that dare
    To whine and sneer that they do not fear the whelps in the Lion's lair?
    But we of the North will answer, while life in the North remains,
    Let the curs beware lest the whelps they dare are the Riders of the Plains; ...
  • The Sleeping Giant

    When did you sink to your dreamless sleep
    Out there in your thunder bed? ...
  • Golden - Of The Selkirks
    A trail upwinds from Golden;
    It leads to a land God only knows,
    To the land of eternal frozen snows,
    That trail unknown and olden. ...
  • Prairie Greyhounds
    C.P.R. "NO. 1," WESTBOUND

    I swing to the sunset land -
    The world of prairie, the world of plain, ...
  • Through Time And Bitter Distance"[1]
    Unknown to you, I walk the cheerless shore.
    The cutting blast, the hurl of biting brine
    May freeze, and still, and bind the waves at war,
    Ere you will ever know, O! Heart of mine, ...
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  • Coriolismusic: lost to my longing sight, and nothing left to me save an oncoming night,— an empty sea. — emily pauline johnson
  • Platospupil: and only where the forest fires have sped,  scorching relentlessly the cool north lands, a sweet wild flower lifts its purple head,  and, like some gentle spirit sorrow-fed, it hides the scars with almost human hands.  –emily pauline johnson (1861-1913)
  • Bryonyseries: like a grey shadow lurking in the light, he ventures forth along the edge of night; with silent foot he scouts the coulie's rim and scents the carrion awaiting him. "the wolf" by emily pauline johnson.
  • Chiefswood: nia:wen/thank you to everyone who visited the women of chiefswood exhibit over the last two weeks. we hope you enjoyed the chiefswood collection & learned something new about e. pauline johnson, emily johnson and evelyn johnson check back for an announcement about future exhibits
  • Chiefswood: only two days left to view the women of chiefswood exhibit!! witness never before seen artifacts from the chiefswood collection that highlight e. pauline johnson, her sister evelyn johnson and their mother, emily johnson.
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