The Sound Of Trees Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


I wonder about the treesA
Why do we wish to bearB
Forever the noise of theseA
More than another noiseC
So close to our dwelling placeD
We suffer them by the dayE
Till we lose all measure of paceD
And fixity in our joysC
And acquire a listening airB
They are that that talks of goingF
But never gets awayE
And that talks no less for knowingF
As it grows wiser and olderG
That now it means to stayE
My feet tug at the floorH
And my head sways to my shoulderG
Sometimes when I watch trees swayE
From the window or the doorH
I shall set forth for somewhereB
I shall make the reckless choiceI
Some day when they are in voiceI
And tossing so as to scareB
The white clouds over them onJ
I shall have less to sayE
But I shall be goneK

Robert Frost


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