The Road Not Taken Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Two roads diverged in a yellow woodA
And sorry I could not travel bothB
And be one traveler long I stoodA
And looked down one as far as I couldA
To where it bent in the undergrowthB
Then took the other as just as fairC
And having perhaps the better claimD
Because it was grassy and wanted wearC
Though as for that the passing thereC
Had worn them really about the sameD
And both that morning equally layE
In leaves no step had trodden blackF
Oh I kept the first for another dayE
Yet knowing how way leads on to wayE
I doubted if I should ever come backF
I shall be telling this with a sighG
Somewhere ages and ages henceH
Two roads diverged in a wood and IG
I took the one less traveled byG
And that has made all the differenceI

Robert Frost


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