Carpe Diem Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Age saw two quiet childrenA
Go loving by at twilightB
He knew not whether homewardC
Or outward from the villageD
Or chimes were ringing churchwardC
He waited they were strangersE
Till they were out of hearingF
To bid them both be happyG
'Be happy happy happyG
And seize the day of pleasure 'H
The age long theme is Age'sI
'Twas Age imposed on poemsJ
Their gather roses burdenA
To warn against the dangerK
That overtaken loversE
From being overfloodedC
With happiness should have itC
And yet not know they have itC
But bid life seize the presentC
It lives less in the presentC
Than in the future alwaysL
And less in both togetherK
Than in the past The presentC
Is too much for the sensesI
Too crowding too confusingF
Too present to imagineA

Robert Frost


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