A Girl's Garden Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


A neighbor of mine in the villageA
Likes to tell how one springB
When she was a girl on the farm she didC
A childlike thingB
One day she asked her fatherD
To give her a garden plotE
To plant and tend and reap herselfF
And he said 'Why not '-
In casting about for a cornerD
He thought of an idle bitG
Of walled off ground where a shop had stoodH
And he said 'Just it '-
And he said 'That ought to make youI
An ideal one girl farmJ
And give you a chance to put some strengthK
On your slim jim arm '-
It was not enough of a gardenL
Her father said to plowM
So she had to work it all by handN
But she don't mind nowM
She wheeled the dung in a wheelbarrowO
Along a stretch of roadP
But she always ran away and leftQ
Her not nice loadP
And hid from anyone passingB
And then she begged the seedR
She says she thinks she planted oneL
Of all things but weedR
A hill each of potatoesS
Radishes lettuce peasT
Tomatoes beets beans pumpkins cornU
And even fruit treesT
And yes she has long mistrustedC
That a cider appleV
In bearing there today is hersW
Or at least may beX
Her crop was a miscellanyX
When all was said and doneL
A little bit of everythingB
A great deal of noneL
Now when she sees in the villageA
How village things goO
Just when it seems to come in rightY
She says 'I knowO
'It's as when I was a farmer '-
Oh never by way of adviceZ
And she never sins by telling the taleA2
To the same person twiceZ

Robert Frost


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Millicent Okello : I love the poem. Very beautiful

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