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  • New England Mind
    My mind matches this understand land.
    Outdoors the pencilled tree, the wind-carved drift,
    Indoors the constant fire, the careful thrift
    Are facts that I accept and understand. ...
  • Sheep
    From where I stand the sheep stand still
    As stones against the stony hill.

    The stones are gray ...
  • Summons
    Keep me from going to sleep too soon
    Or if I go to sleep too soon
    Come wake me up. Come any hour
    Of night. Come whistling up the road. ...
  • Farm Boy After Summer
    A seated statue of himself he seems.
    A bronze slowness becomes him. Patently
    The page he contemplates he doesn't see.
  • Fair And Unfair
    The beautiful is fair. The just is fair.
    Yet one is commonplace and one is rare,
    One everywhere, one scarcely anywhere.
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