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  • New England Mind
    My mind matches this understand land.
    Outdoors the pencilled tree, the wind-carved drift,
    Indoors the constant fire, the careful thrift
    Are facts that I accept and understand. ...
  • Sheep
    From where I stand the sheep stand still
    As stones against the stony hill.

    The stones are gray ...
  • Summons
    Keep me from going to sleep too soon
    Or if I go to sleep too soon
    Come wake me up. Come any hour
    Of night. Come whistling up the road. ...
  • Farm Boy After Summer
    A seated statue of himself he seems.
    A bronze slowness becomes him. Patently
    The page he contemplates he doesn't see.
  • Fair And Unfair
    The beautiful is fair. The just is fair.
    Yet one is commonplace and one is rare,
    One everywhere, one scarcely anywhere.
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  • Ifinestquotes: "only those that dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly." - robert francis kennedy
  • Newwaysministry: what should catholic advocates of lgbtq equality make of the mess involving archbishop gomez's statement against president biden, pope francis, and the fissures at the bishops' conference? it could portend good news, writes robert shine -->
  • Forbidhistories: video: galileo practised astrology, francis bacon & robert boyle believed in witchcraft & magic, marie & pierre curie investigated trance mediums: forbidden histories on youtube.
  • Aic_photography: st. francis, gas station and city hall, los angeles, robert frank, 1956
  • Baseballcrank: up there with tom hanks being related to abe lincoln, cory lidle being related to robert fulton, & carney lansford being a direct descendant of sir francis drake.
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