The Lazy Mist. Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Tune The lazy mistA
The lazy mist hangs from the brow of the hillB
Concealing the course of the dark winding rillB
How languid the scenes late so sprightly appearC
As Autumn to Winter resigns the pale yearC
The forests are leafless the meadows are brownD
And all the gay foppery of summer is flownE
Apart let me wander apart let me museF
How quick Time is flying how keen Fate pursuesF
How long have I liv'd but how much liv'd in vainG
How little of life's scanty span may remainG
What aspects old Time in his progress has wornH
What ties cruel Fate in my bosom has tornH
How foolish or worse till our summit is gain'dI
And downward how weaken'd how darken'd how pain'dI
Life is not worth having with all it can giveJ
For something beyond it poor man sure must liveK

Robert Burns


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