Sketch. - New Year's Day. To Mrs. Dunlop. Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


This day Time winds th' exhausted chainA
To run the twelvemonth's length againB
I see the old bald pated followC
With ardent eyes complexion sallowC
Adjust the unimpair'd machineD
To wheel the equal dull routineD
The absent lover minor heirE
In vain assail him with their prayerE
Deaf as my friend he sees them pressF
Nor makes the hour one moment lessF
Will you the Major's with the houndsG
The happy tenants share his roundsG
Coila's fair Rachel's care to dayH
And blooming Keith's engaged with GrayH
From housewife cares a minute borrowC
That grandchild's cap will do to morrowC
And join with me a moralizingI
This day's propitious to be wise inJ
First what did yesternight deliverK
Another year is gone for everK
And what is this day's strong suggestionL
The passing moment's all we rest onM
Rest on for what what do we hereN
Or why regard the passing yearO
Will time amus'd with proverb'd loreP
Add to our date one minute moreP
A few days more a few years mustQ
Repose us in the silent dustQ
Then is it wise to damp our blissR
Yes all such reasonings are amissR
The voice of nature loudly criesS
And many a message from the skiesS
That something in us never diesS
That on this frail uncertain stateT
Hang matters of eternal weightT
That future life in worlds unknownU
Must take its hue from this aloneU
Whether as heavenly glory brightV
Or dark as misery's woeful nightV
Since then my honour'd first of friendsW
On this poor being all dependsW
Let us th' important now employC
And live as those who never dieX
Tho' you with days and honours crown'dY
Witness that filial circle roundY
A sight life's sorrows to repulseZ
A sight pale envy to convulseZ
Others now claim your chief regardA2
Yourself you wait your bright rewardB2

Robert Burns


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