Sae Far Awa. Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Tune Dalkeith Maiden BridgeA
O sad and heavy should I partB
But for her sake sae far awaC
Unknowing what my way may thwartD
My native land sae far awaC
Thou that of a' things Maker artB
That form'd this fair sae far awaC
Gie body strength then I'll ne'er startB
At this my way sae far awaC
How true is love to pure desertE
So love to her sae far awaC
And nocht can heal my bosom's smartB
While oh she is sae far awaC
Nane other love nane other dartB
I feel but hers sae far awaC
But fairer never touch'd a heartB
Than hers the fair sae far awaC

Robert Burns


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