My Father Was A Farmer. Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Tune The Weaver and his Shuttle OA
My father was a farmerB
Upon the Carrick border OA
And carefully he bred meC
In decency and order OA
He bade me act a manly partD
Though I had ne'er a farthing OA
For without an honest manly heartD
No man was worth regarding OA
Then out into the worldE
My course I did determine OA
Tho' to be rich was not my wishF
yet to be great was charming OA
My talents they were not the worstG
Nor yet my education OA
Resolv'd was I at least to try-
To mend my situation OA
In many a way and vain essayH
I courted fortune's favour OA
Some cause unseen still stept betweenI
To frustrate each endeavour OA
Sometimes by foes I was o'erpower'dG
Sometimes by friends forsaken OA
And when my hope was at the topJ
I still was worst mistaken OA
Then sore harass'd and tir'd at lastG
With fortune's vain delusion OA
I dropt my schemes like idle dreamsL
And came to this conclusion OA
The past was bad and the future hidG
Its good or ill untried OA
But the present hour was in my pow'rM
And so I would enjoy it OA
No help nor hope nor view had I-
Nor person to befriend me OA
So I must toil and sweat and broilN
And labour to sustain me OA
To plough and sow to reap and mowA
My father bred me early OA
For one he said to labour bredG
Was a match for fortune fairly OA
Thus all obscure unknown and poorO
Thro' life I'm doom'd to wander OA
Till down my weary bones I layH
In everlasting slumber OA
No view nor care but shun whate'erB
Might breed me pain or sorrow OA
I live to day as well's I mayH
Regardless of to morrow OA
But cheerful still I am as wellP
As a monarch in a palace OA
Tho' Fortune's frown still hunts me downQ
With all her wonted malice OA
I make indeed my daily breadG
But ne'er can make it farther OA
But as daily bread is all I needG
I do not much regard her OA
When sometimes by my labourR
I earn a little money OA
Some unforeseen misfortuneS
Comes gen'rally upon me OA
Mischance mistake or by neglectG
Or my goodnatur'd folly OA
But come what will I've sworn it stillT
I'll ne'er be melancholy OA
All you who follow wealth and powerB
With unremitting ardour OA
The more in this you look for blissL
You leave your view the farther OA
Had you the wealth Potosi boastsL
Or nations to adorn you OA
A cheerful honest hearted clownQ
I will prefer before you OA

Robert Burns


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