Cassillis' Banks. Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Now bank an' brae are claith'd in greenB
An' scattered cowslips sweetly springC
By Girvan's fairy haunted streamD
The birdies flit on wanton wingC
To Cassillis' banks when e'ening fa'sE
There wi' my Mary let me fleeF
There catch her ilka glance of loveG
The bonnie blink o' Mary's e'eF
The chield wha boasts o' warld's walthH
Is aften laird o' meikle careI
But Mary she is a' my ainB
Ah fortune canna gie me mairI
Then let me range by Cassillis' banksE
Wi' her the lassie dear to meF
And catch her ilka glance o' loveG
The bonnie blink o' Mary's e'eF

Robert Burns


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