A Bard's Epitaph Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Is there a whim inspired foolA
Owre fast for thought owre hot for ruleA
Owre blate to seek owre proud to snoolA
Let him draw nearB
And owre this grassy heap sing doolA
And drap a tearC
Is there a bard of rustic songD
Who noteless steals the crowds amongE
That weekly this area throngD
O pass not byF
But with a frater feeling strongD
Here heave a sighF
Is there a man whose judgment clearB
Can others teach the course to steerB
Yet runs himself life's mad careerB
Wild as the waveG
Here pause and thro' the starting tearC
Survey this graveG
The poor inhabitant belowA
Was quick to learn the wise to knowA
And keenly felt the friendly glowA
And softer flameH
But thoughtless follies laid him lowA
And stain'd his nameH
Reader attend whether thy soulA
Soars fancy's flights beyond the poleA
Or darkling grubs this earthly holeA
In low pursuitI
Know prudent cautious self controlA
Is wisdom's rootI

Robert Burns


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