Bifurcation Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


We were two lovers let me lie by herA
My tomb beside her tomb On hers inscribeB
I loved him but my reason bade preferA
Duty to love reject the tempter's bribeB
Of rose and lily when each path divergedC
And either I must pace to life's far endD
As love should lead me or as duty urgedC
Plod the worn causeway arm in arm with friendD
So truth turned falsehood 'How I loathe a flowerA
How prize the pavement ' still caressed his earE
The deafish friend's through life's day hour by hourA
As he laughed coughing 'Ay it would appear 'F
But deep within my heart of hearts there hidG
Ever the confidence amends for allH
That heaven repairs what wrong earth's journey didG
When love from life long exile comes at callH
Duty and love one broad way were the bestI
Who doubts But one or other was to chooseJ
I chose the darkling half and wait the restI
In that new world where light and darkness fuseJ
Inscribe on mine I loved her love's track layK
O'er sand and pebble as all travellers knowL
Duty led through a smiling country gayK
With greensward where the rose and lily blowL
'Our roads are diverse farewell love ' said sheM
''Tis duty I abide by homely swardN
And not the rock rough picturesque for meM
Above where both roads join I wait rewardN
Be you as constant to the path whereonL
I leave you planted ' But man needs must moveO
Keep moving whither when the star is goneL
Whereby he steps secure nor strays from loveP
No stone but I was tripped by stumbling blockQ
But brought me to confusion Where I fellR
There I lay flat if moss disguised the rockQ
Thence if flint pierced I rose and cried 'All's wellR
Duty be mine to tread in that high sphereS
Where love from duty ne'er disparts I trustT
And two halves make that whole whereof since hereE
One must sufice a man why this one mustT
Inscribe each tomb thus then some sage acquaintU
The simple which holds sinner which holds saintU

Robert Browning


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