Bad Dreams Iii Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


This was my dream I saw a ForestA
Old as the earth no track nor traceB
Of unmade man Thou Soul explorestA
Though in a trembling rapture spaceB
Immeasurable Shrubs turned treesC
Trees that touch heaven support its friezeC
Studded with sun and moon and starD
While oh the enormous growths that barD
Mine eye from penetrating pastA
Their tangled twins where lurks nay livesE
Royally lone some brute type castA
I' the rough time cancels man forgivesE
On Soul I saw a lucid CityA
Of architectural deviceF
Every way perfect Pause for pityA
Lightning nor leave a cicatriceF
On those bright marbles dome and spireG
Structures palatial streets which mireG
Dares not defile paved all too fineH
For human footstep's smirch not thineH
Proud solitary traverserG
My Soul of silent lengths of wayI
With what ecstatic dread averG
Lest life start sanctioned by thy stayI
All but the last sight was the hideousF
A City yes a Forest trueG
But each devouring each PerfidiousF
Snake plants had strangled what I knewG
Was a pavilion once each oakJ
Held on his horns some spoil he brokeJ
By surreptitiously beneathK
Upthrusting pavements as with teethK
Griped huge weed widening crack and splitA
In squares and circles stone work erstA
Oh Nature good Oh Art no whitA
Less worthy Both in one accurstA

Robert Browning


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