Asolando - Epilogue Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Referring to the third verse of this poem the Pall Mall Gazette of February said One evening just before his death illness the poet was reading this from a proof to his daughter in law and sister He said 'It almost looks like bragging to say this and as if I ought to cancel it but it's the simple truth and as it's truth it shall stand 'A
At the midnight in the silence of the sleep timeB
When you set your fancies freeC
Will they pass to where by death fools think imprisonedD
Low he lies who once so loved you whom you loved soE
Pity meC
Oh to love so be so loved yet so mistakenF
What had I on earth to doG
With the slothful with the mawkish the unmanlyH
Like the aimless helpless hopeless did I drivelH
Being whoG
One who never turned his back but marched breast forwardI
Never doubted clouds would breakJ
Never dreamed though right were worsted wrong would triumphK
Held we fall to rise are baffled to fight betterL
Sleep to wakeJ
No at noonday in the bustle of man's work timeB
Greet the unseen with a cheerM
Bid him forward breast and back as either should beC
Strive and thrive cry Speed fight on fare everL
There as hereN

Robert Browning


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