Maybe our love here were not meant to be,
speaking to the moon here in the balcony.
Maybe our love are meant somewhere,
in a place where there's no more despair.

Remember this, when our eyes will meet again, I tell you there will be no more pain.
I will take care of you and love you til the end,
I will be honest and will no longer pretend.

We'll both be the better one, then we'll continue our love that was undone.
In this another world, I won't lose a chance,
to say Yes and hold your hand on our very first dance.

Let's just hope there's parallel universe out there, if we aren't meant here then maybe there our love will flare. For true love waits,
no matter what it takes.

Maybe we can give this a little more time,
test of wait for another onetime.
Waiting for the better right time, to bloom
with love for the awaited springtime.

When that time will come and will arrive,
and our love will be once more alive,
I know for sure that we will both survive a life in different worlds, even for two- three worlds or five.

For love lasts a lifetime and more,
and pain is there to hunt them from before.
Yes It will break, but will surely restore,
to both lovers whose love is true forevermore.