I painfully watch you from my bedroom window
as you come proudly gollaping on your horse to the fortress that is the only thing separating me from you.

"Let me in, beautiful princess.
Break down these walls so we can finally be together!"
Your Eden-snake-words are pulling me closer to the sledge hammer to break down my wide arched fortress.

The only thing that terrifies the sledge hammer, is your veiled heart.
I try to pull the veil away but it is sown onto your body. I am like a groom of an arranged marriage.
I hope that what the veil is covering is beautiful but that will not stop the sledgehammer from sprinting away from me out of fear.

So my fortress remains.
You cannot come in.
And I remain begging the sledehammer
to finally be on the side of my heart
and not on the side of my brain.