Rethabile Molepo Poems

  • 1.  
    I stand there staring in horror as I watch
    the colossal mighty bridge that has managed to withstand all that nature
    has thrown at her, begins to bend into an arch
    and instead of a bridge, it resembles some alien creature.
  • 2.  
    I painfully watch you from my bedroom window
    as you come proudly gollaping on your horse to the fortress that is the only thing separating me from you.

    "Let me in, beautiful princess.
  • 3.  
    i trembled beneath my duvet shield on my bed
    while my teeth began to tap dance out of fear.
    my eyes (now appearing wider than an alert owl) scanned
    the room in search of threats as if i were a soulless robot.
  • 4.  
    'Let's be realistic'

    Those are the daggers -like words
    that the assassins stabbed me with.
  • 5.  
    He flings me hard onto the dry rocky surface
    and I allow death to capture me in its embrace.
    The colossal beast —with impenetrable armour—
    standing over me like an immense tower.
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