Morning I saw her
Hair flocked up in the air
Walking by the stair
Woke up from the deep sleep
Went to take water's sip
I returned to sleep but she used to pip

All where she treaded
There I was attracted
This almost made me haunted
Somewhere she was visible
Somewhere invisible
A dread dream probable

She whispered in my ear
This I will tear
In my heart there was great fear
Drew my blanket to cover face
Alas !! they also said I will chase
I was troubled how to face

Red red eyes and like tiger claw
Walking her reversed I saw
She ate flesh and made me awe
Was it the nightmare
Or real I couldn't utter
All she gave me was a silent stare

How I could know what she want
But I remembered to chant
The earth or I quaked and began to part
It was deadly deep dark of new moon day
All spirits dance this day
How dreaded it was I couldnt say

I was haunted utterly haunted
My soul wandered
As she commanded
She called me and I was hypnotized
Wherevere she went I followed
How I was saved was amazed

Still I am haunted still I'm haunted
Sleepless nights passed
Or I am asleep I cant understand
At midnight awakes
Her thought always awakes
She is deeply rooted and makes pranks

I'm haunted I am haunted
Of her beauty Im spell bound
Waiting to become a calm mind
All me arround only she surround

Heart throbs even of her thought
Is she my soulmate
Or she is my daunt
I'm haunted like never before
Her thought enters in mind and makes me scare
I was haunted like never before. . . .........